WPC pergolas

Savadeck pergolas with 10-year warranty

With SavaDECK pergolas, your yard will become a favourite place for family and friend gatherings. They are of modern and practical design, adapted for all types of projects. They can be used for cafes and hotels’ cafes, private terraces and courtyards, but also for covering parking lots and other areas.

Modern design

SavaDECK pergloas have a modern and reduced design, and they also come in two colours – warm coffee and neutral grey, which makes them applicable to all types of projects.

Installation in one day

With the help of SavaDECK techincal support and installation instructions, the pergola can be easily installed in just a few hours. If you have a need for it, our experianced maestros are at your disposal who will perform the installation quickly and with quality.

No maintenance costs

SavaDECK wpc pergolas are made of composite which, unlike wood, doesn’t require additional maintenance or painting every year, it’s not susceptible to rot, insect attack and it is resistant to all external influences and temperature changes.

Modular system

Thanks to the modular system, SavaDECK wpc pergolas can be adapted to any dimensions and shapes. With the use of profile reinforcement, the supporting pillars can be positioned at a distance of 6 meters.

10-year warranty

The warranty covers the construction stability, breakage resistance, rotting and inscet and fungi attacks. Since the material is constantly exposed to direct sunlight and UV radiation, an even colour change within the same shade is allowed.

Outdoor living room

The SavaDECK pergola can become your outdoor living room, because we offer you the possibility of adding a decking platform and custom furniture. Outdoor booths and benches make maximum use of space, and in addition they have the role of a fence or a wall.

Massive construction

This allows the installation of curtains, canvases and various types of roof coverings. To make a covered wpc construction, reach out to our technical support team via e-mail info@savadeck.com

Brisoleji for additional privacy

If you want to have more privacy, SavaDECK wpc slats, beams and other supporting elements are at your disposal.

Gallery of  Savadeck pergolas

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