Wooden facades

Building a villa or a hotel, or you are just renovating your home?

SavaDeck facades can be used in all types of properties, from seaside ones, mountain resorts, to urban areas.

Resistant to outdoor factors

SavaDeck facade covers are made of Siberian larch. This type of wood has been used for outdoor constructions for centuries, thanks to its resistance to rotting.

Thermal insulation

The assembly system enables placing various thickness of thermal covers in accordance with climate conditions.

Massiveness and elegance

Wooden facades with the hidden system of connection are characterized by warmth and simple geometrical form, providing a massive and elegant look at the same time.

Screens, decorative panels and partition walls

Savadeck facade profiles can be used for different design solutions. The connection system without visible shackles and bolts makes the pine patterns and natural look of the wood structure stand out.

Wooden covers in the interior

Savadeck facade covering is used for indoor application. Quick and simple for assembly, they represent a great solution for all the interior requirements.

Colour coating and protection

SavaDECK wood line for colour coating and protection recommends hybrid oils, as well as lasure coatings.

Production according to design

With our experience and practical advice we are available for any help you may need in the preparation and drawing of the design for wooden facades. Contact us at info@savadeck.com

SavaDECK self-ventilating facades with the hidden system of connection.

Wooden facades

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