Deck floor covers

Do you wish to change the look of your exterior?

SavaDECK wood line provides warmth and massive look of a ship deck.

Possibility of construction on various types of base layers

Savadeck wood line accompanying material enables quick and easy assembly on concrete, gravel, crushed stone, as well as on earth base.

Applicable on uneven terrains

Savadeck wood line floor covers are used for covering stairs and making stair landings and cascades. By adjusting the subconstruction, a deck floor platform can also be placed easily and quickly on the terrains with pronounced inclination.

Refine your terrace

Deck floor covers are simply placed over tiles, imprinted concrete, behaton, etc. They can be placed over hydro-insulation.

Deck covers for swimming pools

Anti-slippery pattern enables undisturbed and safe use when there is water on the profile surface. SavaDeck wood line profiles are made of wooden massif, and they represent a natural insulator, so you can walk on it barefoot even in hot summer days.

Outdoor seating areas for restaurateurs

Savadeck wood line is a practical solution for all types of hospitality facilities. It can be placed over a steel base, be it fixed or assembling construction.

Deck floor covers for rafts and marinas

Thanks to its dense structure of tree rings, as well as a high percentage of resin, Siberian larch, with its massive look, represents an extraordinary long-lasting solution. With regular maintenance, it can last for decades, so it is no wonder it is called “eternal wood”.

Siberian larch

A type of a tree originating from the heart of Siberia. It is a deciduous pine tree whose needles fall off in winter which is the result of extremely low temperatures ranging down to -80°C. Due to the extremely harsh climate, it has a slowed down growth so that it takes about 400 years for a larch to reach its ripeness. It is characterized by light colour, specific density of 650 kg/m3, compact structure, tight tree rings, high percentage of resin and significantly less cellulose tissue in comparison with other pine trees. The combination of natural characteristics and its geographical origin make Siberian larch one of the most wanted and the most resistant types of wooden material intended for the application in outdoor conditions.

Eternal tree

A lot has been said about the durability and longevity of Siberian larch. Perhaps one of the best known historical facts which justifies its nickname “eternal tree” is connected with the building of a medieval town at the mouth of the river Brenta into the Venetian Laguna. For decades, trunks of larch were brought from Siberia and placed deep into the sludge until the foundation was formed on which Venice stands today.

SavaDECK terrace floor strips

Along with massive deck floor profiles, we have designed a model used for the hidden system of fixing. Deck floor platform gets its elegant and minimalistic look without visible connective elements.

Colour coating and protection

SavaDECK wood line for colour coating and protection recommends hybrid oils, as well as lasure coatings. Wide palette of colours will emphasize the unique structure of this pine tree.

Wooden deck floor covers

See the complete offer of wooden deck floor covers.

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