S-0.5 (18-25mm) 1.3€
S-0 (28-40mm) 1.5€
S-1 (36-51mm) 1.7€
S-2 (52-82mm) 1.9€
S-3 (82-135mm) 2.4€
S-4 (133-225mm) 2.8€
S-5 (189-293mm) 3.7€
S-6 (260-365mm) 4.3€
S-7 (364-507mm) 5.3€
S-8 (471-651mm) 6€
S-9 (576-795mm) 7.2€
S-10 (682-939mm) 8.5€
S-11 (786-1083 mm) 10€
Usadna vinkla 0,27€
Guma za keramiku 2mm 0,35€
Usadni krstić za keramiku 3 mm i 4mm 0,19€
Koretktor nagiba podloge 1% 0,63€
Koretktor nagiba podloge 2% 0,72€
Osigurač (prsten za fiksiranje) 0,33€

What is an adjustable pad?

SavaDECK adjustable pad is intended for lifting and levelling buildings, platforms and various types of floor coverings.

The basic elements of the adjusting pad are the head and the stand. Supporting elements may be used, depending on the application.

The tuning range is 18-1083mm.

Made to endure extreme loads

Massive SavaDECK adjustable pad is made of quality plastics, completely environment-friendly and recyclable.

  • Load capacity over 2,500kg.
  • Resistant to all types of external influences.


Application of adjustable pads

SavaDECK adjustable pads are used for putting up/setting all types of floor coverings, such as decking floors, ceramic tiles, parquets, ship floors and the like. They can also be used for platform levelling on which various types of prefabricated buildings can be placed, such as:

  • Residential and construction containers
  • Garden houses and log cabins
  • Fountains and prefabricated pools
  • Gardens of catering facilities
  • Promenades and paths
  • Podiums and playrooms
  • Tents

Simple installation

The SavaDECK adjustable pad system consists of two main elements, a head and a base, which are connected by a millimetre thread. Accompanying elements, such as slope correctors, embedded angles, crosses or ceramic rubber, enable easy installation and preparation, i.e. levelling of any type of substructure.

The elements of an adjustable pad

1. The head of the adjustable pad
The head is made of quality plastics. There are openings that are used for hanging the accompanying elements. The strength of this plastic allows the profile to be fixed with screws, directly through the head of the pad.

2. The pad extension
This element allows us to increase the tuning range up to 16cm. It can be fixed directly with a screw, as well as with a fuse.

3. The fuse
It is used to insure the previously set height (the levelling) on the pad. After levelling of the adjusting pad is finished, fuse needs to be tightened so that it strikes pad pedestal.

4. Pad pedestal
There are prepared holes on the pad pedestal used for fixing the buzon to the base. There are also supports for the slope tilt corrector on the underside. If dowelling is not an option, this can be fixed with glue.

5. Base tilt corrector
Corrective element with a slope of 1% and 2% which are placed under the pad pedestal. Up to 4 pieces can be placed below one pad.

Usadna vinkla

0.27 €

Koristi se za fiksiranje profila noseće konstrukcije. Može se rotirati u krugu od 360 stepeni. Može se fiksirati bilo gde na glavi osim u sredini.

Guma za keramiku

0.35 €

Upotrebljava se da reši razliku u debljini pločica. Debljina je 2 mm. Umanjuje vibraciju, odjek i zvonjavu. Može se podeliti na 4 dela.

Usadni krstić za keramiku

0.19 €

Fiksira na sredini glave. Debljine 3mm i 4 mm.


0.33 €

Služi za osiguravanje zadate visine (nivelacije) na stopama. Nakon izvršenog nivelisanja štelujuće stope, osigurač zategnete tako da udari u postolje stope.

Korektor nagiba podloge

0.63 – 0.72 €

Korektivni element sa nagibom od 1% i 2% koji se postavljaju ispod postolja stope. Mogu se postaviti do 4 komada ispod jedne stope.

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