Impregnated decking Scots pine


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Savadeck impregnated deck floor covers – traditional method of wood protection.



Impregnated deck floor covers are made of Scots pine and are meant for outdoor use. For years, it has been used in construction industry for building log cabins, roof covers (shingle roofing), facade and floor covers. Chemical treatment, i.e. deep impregnation of the wood is done by a machine. In chambers, under the pressure of 20 bars, a chemical solution is injected, and this process is called copper-oxidation. This kind of protection significantly extends the period of use and provides additional resistance to all external influences, such as rain, snow or UV radiation.

After the impregnation, Scots pine becomes copper-green in colour, which can be shaded by lasure coatings of your choice from the colour chart, and the additional colour protection is obtained by applying Aqua Stop.

Savadeck impregnated decking is widely used in all types of facilities, such as rafts, private terraces, outdoor seating areas of hospitality facilities.

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