Exotic wood floor covers - Merbau


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Merbau is a kind of an exotic tree which grows in tropical forests of Indonesia It is one of the highest-quality types of exotic trees in the world, with excellent aesthetic and mechanical characteristics. Merbau is characterized by high resistance to extreme changes of weather conditions. An additional benefit of Merbau deck covers is warm and rich palette of colours ranging from light to dark brown. One of the specific features of this wood is the appearance of small yellow mineral layers on the surface, thanks to which this wood looks gold-plated.

With regular maintenance, Keruing can last from 30 to 50 years in outdoor conditions.


SavaDECK® exotic line deck floor covers – MERBAU

Specific weight                    1,100.00 kg/m3

Floor cover width                      140 mm

Floor cover thickness                 21 mm

Type of an exotic tree              Merbau

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