Savadeck Asa – ten-year warranty on colour steadiness

Will the ASA completely replace WPC profiles in the future?

With the advent of WPC decking a few years ago, a revolution was made in floor coverings for outdoor use. Before the WPC era, it wasn’t possible to imagine carpets that look like wood and last longer without maintenance.

This was a ‘promise’ of WPC material???

WPC is a material that lasts longer than wood and does not require maintenance such as varnishing or additional protection. Depending on the model and manufacturer, it more or less looks like real wood.

Like any innovation, the WPC had to pass the test of time? Manufacturers around the world have been collecting feedback from end users. Everything pointed to a change in colour intensity.

WPC “changes its colour” under the influence of UV rays after a few years.

These aren’t drastic colour changes, but the loss of pigment can be noticed after a few years. UV stabilisers in the composite structure failed to maintain the same colour intensity on the surface. It was necessary to develop a protective coating around the composite in oreder to prevent this problem in the long run.

What is ASA?

You can hear about the structure of ASA materials and expertise from our production technologist Darko, in the video we’re currently shooting.

In this article, we’ll focus on the application of ASA and its advantages over the synthetic materials.

ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) is a type of polymer that has 10-12 times greater resistance to external influences than all other polymers and thermoplastics. It is most used in the automotive industry.

Examples are instrument panel (kucista) or exterior parts, such as rear-view mirrors or moldings that are most exposed to the Sun and UV rays.

Does ASA change its colour?

The better question is whether ASA changes the colour intensity, and the asnwer to that – it does not!

This is not just a confirmed laboratory test.

The American manufacturer of roofing materials, Inco Rood, published a picture of the roof that they worked on in 2003 in Florida.

After 16 years of direct exposure to UV rays and the Sun throughout the years, the roof has not changed colour.

Resistance of ASA to mechanical damages

A test we performed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade showed that a profile made of ASA material has a durability of up to 15,000 units. The standard for WPC decking floors is 3-4,000 units (Savadeck Premium has a durability of up to 6,000 units, which is why we recommend it as decking for public areas).

To make it easier, a resistance of 15,000 units means that the ASA can whitstand the action of a directed force of up to one ton per square centimetre.

Resistance of ASA materials to moisture and water

ASA absorbs significantly less water than other polymers.

Why is this important?

Materials that have a higher percentage of moisture absorption are prone to greater expansion (expansion and contraction). This is the most common cause of various defects, such as bending or cracking of floor mats.

During the tests, it was found that ASA decking absorbs 4 times less moisture than the standard WPC profile, which directly affects the lifespan.

ASA decking floors and facades

ASA decking floors and facadesIn addition to the quality and durability of the profile, ASA decking or ASA facade cladding has the appearance closest to wood. Combining two or more colours loses the monolithic appearance that polymers have.

And this is just the beginning.

ASA has been used in digital printing for years. In a few years, ASA profiles that look identical to real wood will be available on the market. With digital printing, it is possible to achieve the original strucuture of Pine, Ash, Oak, Siberian Larch or any other exotic trees.

Does ASA has flaws?

In addition to quality and appearance, ASA is also distinguished by price. This is one of the main reasons why only a few reputable decking manufacturers in the world have started producing profiles from ASA, which is almost twice as expensive as standard WPC profiles.

Is this a flaw? We leave it up to you to decide.

If you want a durable material for your deck or facade, which will not change colour for 10 or 20 years, then you owe it to yourself to consider ASA profiles.

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